Cargo Spray Booth The Eco Cargo pulls clean air from filtered front doors and exhausted through a filtered to the back exhaust plenum.
Crossdraft booths are offered in solid back, drive through, reverse flow designs as well pressurized and non-pressurized.





  • Heavy Duty Construction:
    Our booths are constructed of 18-gauge, pre-punched single wall panels. Our design allows for easy assembly.

  • Fans & Motors:
    (1) 42" Fans 16,000 CFM and (1) 7.5PH Motor

  • Filters:
    (48) Exhaust filters and (48) Intake filters

  • Doors:
    (2) Doors with intake filter frames and (1) Man access door with observation window

  • Lighting:
    Full booth illumination from four-tube, 4’ light fixtures with 4 fluorescent lamps, ETL listed

Booth Extension Need more space to spray? Extend the lenght of your booth.
Drive-Thru Add automotive exit doors to the booth to increase production time.
Observation Windows Need more quality control? Add more windows to increase supervision.
24' Model 14' -4" (w) x 24'-4" (l) x 9'-2" (h)
27' Model 14' -4" (w) x 27'-4" (l) x 9'-2" (h)
30' Model 14' -4" (w) x 30'-4" (l) x 9'-2" (h)